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Is there such a thing as holistic digital marketing? What exactly does that mean? Today, we’ll look at holistic marketing, with a focus on your owned media, since it’s vital to have that presence and own it, because when things go wrong, you’ll want to make sure you have everything you need to continue building and growing your business in the digital realm.


“We want to make sure that we’re creating content for our customers in a way that allows them to build trust with us, get to know us, get to know our personality, how we work and how we would help them in their business.”

Topics and Timestamps:

  • Definition of holistic digital marketing (00:38.5- 00:59.8)
  • Holistic marketing for owned media (01:00.0- 01:27.8)
  • Holistic strategy as a forest of trees (01:32.3- 02:03.0)
  • Characteristics of a good website (02:03.2- 02:43.7)
  • Building trust through content (02:43.7- 03:02.7)
  • Prospective clients are like Deers (03:02.8- 04:18.8)
  • Basic content strategy (04:26.4- 04:39.5)
  • SEO optimization (04:46.4- 04:58.1)
  • Inbound marketing process (05:02.5-05:40.7)
  • Inbound marketing holistic center (05:41.0- 06:05.9)
  • Type of content based on audience (06:06.3- 06:47.1)
  • Creating and upgrading the whole ecosystem (06:47.1-07:40.1)
  • Holistic digital marketing workshop (07:45.2- 07:53.5)
  • Free web presence audit (07:57.0- 08:07.5)

Thank you for coming along for the ride, and I hope to see you again soon. Wherever you get your podcasts, subscribe to the podcast, and I’ll see you in the next episode!

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Episode 3 | Holistic Marketing for Owned Media

Are you ready to take your digital marketing to the next level, using tried and true methods and emerging trends? It’s Ashleigh and you’re listening to the Digitally Grounded podcast. We’ll talk about all things digital marketing from sales funnels and flywheels, social media, email marketing, and more. So if you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level, keep listening.

Hey, it’s Ashleigh, Digitally Grounded here, and I am here to talk about holistic digital marketing today. So, what the heck does that mean? Holistic digital marketing is an approach that will allow you to sort of look at your whole digital marketing strategy. All of the goals that you want to accomplish and plan from a holistic sort of top-down macro, all the way down to nano sort of function. 

There are a bunch of things to think about with holistic marketing, but for the purposes of this episode, I’m going to get into the owned media. As we mentioned in the last episode, we talked about owned, earned, and paid media. We’re going to focus on holistic marketing with the center on your owned media because it’s very important to have that presence and own it because when things go wayside, you wanna make sure that you have what you need so you can continue to grow and build your business.

So, holistically, it starts with your website, and many times when I think of this series of this whole holistic marketing plan or holistic strategy, I think of a forest of trees. We wanna build this lush green forest of trees that functions as its own ecosystem and everything that’s in that ecosystem can survive and thrive because we have curated it in such a way that there is a balance and that everything is sort of in harmony. 

So it starts with your website. When you’re thinking about your website, making sure that not only is it clear, concise, the design is modern and inviting for people who are landing on your site, but also it loads quickly, you have clear calls to action that don’t confuse the visitors to your website, and then the technical things like how large of the images you’re uploading. If they’re large enough to print out and hang an eight by ten in your house, then they’re probably too large for the web. So making sure that those things are optimized as well. That’s the overall design and technical functionality that needs to be in place in a nutshell.

Then you’re thinking about content because we want to make sure that we’re creating content for our customers in a way that allows them to kind of build trust with us, get to know us, get to know our personality and how we work, and how we would help them in their business. So essentially, I was reading a book called “Sell With Authority” and in the book, the author mentions your prospective clients and prospective customers are kind of like deer, and he talks about how they’re at the edge of the forest, and you want to get them to the point where they’re eating out of the palm of your hand. Right? And so he talks about maybe you’re scattering some different kinds of things at the forest edge line, and it takes a little time and then they start to come closer and closer, and you start to give them better and better food. So they get closer and build trust with you over a large span of time. 

So if you think about that and apply that knowledge to your website and the content that you create, you want to make sure that, that is delicious food for them, things that they’re going to come back to when they’re hungry for knowledge. They’re going to come to you because you’re the thought leader, you’re the authority in your realm or in your zone of genius, whatever your business is known for. And so when you’re creating this sort of content, keep in mind that you’re making it delicious and juicy for the people who are out there or for the deer that are out there looking for a nice tasty meal, right? 

We want them to get to know us, to come into our space. We don’t wanna be chasing people down and making them feel uncomfortable. So that starts with a basic content strategy and I honestly think that it starts with your website and then it branches outward to things like podcasts or regular newsletters or bulletins, or maybe even mailings, YouTube channels, all of that. 

Then, once you have that content strategy in place and you have begun to get the SEO optimization going, meaning that you’re making sure that things have keywords and you’ve done your proper research to ensure that whatever you’re writing about is things that people are actually looking for. 

Then you’re starting to see the beginnings of what we call an inbound marketing process. And what that means is, as you start to go from this macro situation where people don’t know who you are, they’ve probably never seen you before, never heard of you, don’t know much about your business, and then they come down to the next step where they know a little bit about you, and they’re interested in what you have to share and then finally, they’re in this nanoparticle sort of connection with you where they’re the deer that’s eating out of your hand. They love what you do, they subscribed to your email list, they like every post that you put out, and they are just like one of your raving fans. 

Then you’re starting to get that whole inbound marketing holistic circle that’s coming together, that ecosystem that’s coming together because those people that are your fans are either going to work with you or they’re going to bring people to you because they think you’re so amazing. So when we think about this whole infrastructure or ecosystem that we’re trying to build, it’s really important to think about the details. 

I hope that in this quick episode, you’ve gotten a glimpse of things to consider in your business and you’re asking yourself, well? What are we doing for content and then the type of content that you are talking to? Are you talking to somebody who’s never heard of you before? Are you talking to somebody who, like, maybe they subscribed to your email list or they are following you on social media, and they kind of have an idea of who you are, but you haven’t actually had a conversation with them or you haven’t really connected with them, or are you talking to that person who just is your raving fan and you talk to them all the time and you’re able to be maybe even more casual with them because you feel like they’re a friend or a business partner or like a really close client? 

So think about that when you’re creating this whole ecosystem around your own presence and consider what you might be able to do to upgrade that and really think about, well, am I getting a bunch of people that don’t really know me, or are people coming to my door and they’re saying, hey, I wanna work with you and they’re inviting you to come, have a call with them versus you going out and searching for people. So just look at the processes that are in place and what’s actually happening and what you find yourself doing, whether it be in your lead generation process or a sales process, and see what sort of content can you create that’s going to help with this overall ecosystem? What’s missing from your ecosystem? That’s causing the whole forest to not thrive as well as it could be. 

That’s all we have for today. Please consider what I’ve said, and if you’re interested, I will be doing a holistic digital marketing workshop. Please sign up for the email list in the link and you can get more information in the show notes about that. And if you’re not able to attend the workshop and you still want to get an audit, you can contact me and we can do a web presence audit, and I can go through your web presence and give you an idea of what you could be doing to increase the strength of your owned media. So you can get that information at digitallygrounded.co and I will talk to you in the next episode!

The Digitally Grounded podcast is written and produced by me, Ashleigh Lindsay, our editor is Jessica Marshall, and our music is ‘Summer Hip Hop Upbeat’ by Lightbeats. Thanks for listening!

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