creating content your client wants

Creating Content Your Clients Want

Creating content that your client wants and having the right strategies in place means asking the right questions and listening.


“Every business is different and I just wanted to present some different ideas to you on this episode so you can get the ball rolling and decide what do I want to do? What can I take on right now at this stage in my business? What stage of business am I in? Do I need to have more conversations with people so that I can learn? How I should be communicating with them or having conversations so I can learn how to refine my service?”

Topics and Timestamps:

  • Ways to share an offer (01:13- 01:36)
  • Elaborate offer within the company’s bandwidth (1:37- 2:30)
  • Examples of offers from a website partner (2:57- 4:10)
  • Podcaster’s point of view about personal conversation (4:09- 4:45)
  • Multiple reasons for personal conversation (5:01- 8:04)
  • Set up a time to talk to people (8:04-9:00)
  • One-on-one call or access to lead generation offer? (9:01-10:22) 

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009 | Creating Content That Your Client Wants And Having The Right Strategies In Place

Are you ready to take your digital marketing to the next level, using tried and true methods and emerging trends? It’s Ashleigh and you’re listening to the Digitally Grounded podcast. We’ll talk about all things digital marketing from sales funnels and flywheels, social media, email marketing, and more. So if you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level, keep listening.

Episode Transcription:

It’s Ashleigh and in today’s episode, we’re talking about creating content that your client would want and how easy it can be when you have the right strategies and systems in place. 

In the last episode, we talked about creating an email welcome sequence and how important that is and we touched a little bit on the importance of you know the download or the opt-in offer whatever it is for your business. But in this episode, I wanted to dig a little bit deeper when it comes to those things because everybody does a checklist or a free that or a free this thing or whatever but you still have to be intentional. There are ways that you can share an offer. It could be you know an e-book or some other kind of printable or a checklist or something like that but it still needs to relate to what your client wants and it needs to be within your bandwidth to create and it needs to relate to your offer so it needs to do those 3 things. 

Sometimes I feel when I talk to different people, they want to have this really elaborate offer. You want to give the best to your clients obviously but they have these really big high in the sky dreams of what that offer could be. But it’s not exactly within the bandwidth of their company or their team to create that pie in the sky offer and so what ends up happening is it gets pushed back and pushed back and pushed back and then finally you know a year later they’re still talking about what this thing could be but it hasn’t been working for them because they haven’t put any offers out there to you know to start the lead generation or start conversations with potential clients using that as the door opener so to speak. 

So what I like to propose is to take a look at what your clients would want that you can create within the bandwidth of your company or your team and it has to directly relate to the offer, right? It has to directly relate to whatever your service offering is. 

To give you an example, I do a lot of work in the digital space. We’ll focus on websites for now. If somebody is looking for a website or looking to refine their website in some way. You could use something like a simple checklist for them to use and go to their website, look at the checklist and say do I have this? Do I have that? Is the page speed on my site between this number and this number? You know you can give them that checklist and that could be helpful to them. 

On the other hand, if your client is a type of client that doesn’t necessarily want to do it themselves but they do want to have someone kind of walk through what needs to be done, it might be something like a website audit where they’re reaching out to you and you’re taking a look at their site and saying you know we’ve looked at your site, we went through all the pages and check this and that and the other thing and let’s have a meeting to discuss what needs to be done on this site or let us provide you with some sort of presentation that discusses these things now. 

Me, personally, I like to have conversations with people I like to get face time as much as possible even if it’s a phone conversation. I think that’s better in my opinion personally than me just sending off emails so for my opt-in offers, they are very much like let’s set up a time to talk, to chat, so I like to set up a time to have a conversation and I feel like that’s the best place to start when you’re not sure what to do for that offer. 

It eliminates a lot, right? So first of all, you don’t have to only use this method in the early stages of your business although I recommend it to people in the early stages of the business for multiple reasons. 

The first reason is when you’re having conversations with people early on, you learn a lot. You learn a lot from your potential clients and customers. You learn what they’re looking for, and what their problems are, you learn the language that they’re using and all that information can then inform the next person you get on the phone with because after a while of having conversations with people, you’ll begin to realize they always used this phrase, they always used this language, they always have this problem, you know and so. You can get on a call, I mean I’ve gotten calls of people where I’ve had, they introduce yourself to talk we talk for about 5 minutes and I’m like well I’m gonna take a stab at this you tell me if I’m right and I go down a list of 5 things that I feel you know describe their situation and they’re like yeah that’s exactly it, you know and so that comes from having multiple conversations so if you start early and always have that, it’s a huge benefit not just on that call but overall for your business and learning your customers and really kind of getting into the psychology of that. 

But the other simpler and more practical reason is that you don’t have anything to create beforehand. The only thing you might have to create is an outline of questions to ask this person when you get on the call and I am a path of least resistance kinda go when it comes down to being able to have a simple framework or a simple offer that’s going to allow me to get some face time right? Build some rapport, get some clear questions answered, and have customized answers to those questions, and not have to create a whole book ahead of time? That’s great! I mean if you have the team and you can create an ebook or a checklist or anything like that, you have the bandwidth to do so. They do work and they’re great and they come in especially handy when you have people who can create those pieces of content and make them hyper, hyper-focused on something that directly relates to an offer so it’s almost that what ends up happening is like the opt-in offer is putting your foot in the door right? 

And then the next step into the door is some sort of offer whether it’s the really detailed and custom offer or something that’s kind of like a breadcrumb situation where they get the free thing and then they get the level one and then the level 2 and then finally the level 3, it really just depends on the type of business that you have, but all in all, a path of least resistance is talk to people. 

Set up a time to talk to people. You know, at least so that once you have a clear focus and you want to sort of being able to step away from that and have more of a, I don’t want to say hands off completely because when you have digital products it’s never really hands-off but if you wanted to create a digital product and have an opt-in for that product and have like a more automated lead generation approach then that’s where those checklists and e-books and all those things come in really handy because then you’re not a part of the initial steps in the process but if you’ve got higher to get services that you’re offering, I recommend just getting on the phone with people even if it’s for 15 minutes, you know, because I feel like in 15 minutes, if you know who your people are, you’ll know, you’ll know in 15 minutes whether or not it’s a good fit. 

That’s my philosophy, but again every business is different and I just wanted to present some different ideas to you on this episode so you can get the ball rolling and decide what do I want to do? What can I take on right now at this stage in my business? What stage of business am I in? Do I need to have more conversations with people so that I can learn? How I should be communicating with them or having conversations so I can learn how to refine my service? Or you could be on the other side of it where you like you know what? We have this thing like running like a well-oiled machine, we just want to have a couple more targeted opt-in offers to help segment our customer list or a client list perfect. Make something ahead of time and offer it as a download and then maybe you’re a couple of steps down the line, the lead generation process then they finally have a conversation with you. 

I’ve seen it done a bunch of different ways but those are the two avenues that I think we usually branch off into either branch off into having one to one calls with people even if they’re short calls or having some kind of document or access to something to have that lead generation offer. 

So that is the end of this episode. I hope that you have found it inspiring. I hope that you’re ready to start jotting down your ideas and your copy for what is going to be on that opt-in offer page or in that opt-in offer section on your website. Again, if you have any questions about this or you want to have a brief conversation about your opt-in offer, I’m always available, you can just head to my website @digitallygrounded.co and I will see you in the next episode! Thanks for listening.

The Digitally Grounded podcast is written and produced by me, Ashleigh Lindsay, our editor is Jessica Marshall, and our music is ‘Summer Hip Hop Upbeat’ by Lightbeats. Thanks for listening!

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