ACE- Upstate Alliance for the Creative Economy | Case Study

ACE- Upstate Alliance for the Creative Economy | Case Study

ACE selected Ashleigh to assist with digital marketing for the Upstate Alliance for the Creative Economy. As a small team, they needed professional assistance with growing their presence in the 8 counties of the Capital Region of New York State.

Before working with Ashleigh ACE did have a digital presence containing a website, email list, and social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. ACE was doing events monthly that highlighted the creative economy around the region. 

Some of the challenges were getting the word out to members of the community that ACE was holding these events, as well as keeping the audience engaged while promoting the many facets of creative economy that the capital region has to offer.The capital region has much to offer, but those offerings were not promoted effectively. 

Ashleigh worked with ACE as the Digital Media Consultant and handled content creation, email marketing, design, and social media marketing from 2018-2020.

Ashleigh’s objective was to grow the digital presence of ACE while promoting the monthly events and the creatives who live in the capital region, as well as sharing resources that members of the creative economy could benefit from.

With consistent content creation that was tailored to appeal to both creatives and local businesses, ACE increased it’s brand awareness 55% from 2018-2020, expanded monthly reach by 50%, and filled venues during it’s weeknight monthly Creative Economy Mixers that would bring 300+ community members out per event. All without the use of paid advertising.

The method was consistent content creation in the form of blog posts, an interview series, emails and social media content, as well as engaging with their audience in a private Facebook discussion group. Collaborating with other businesses in the community was also extremely important.

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