Baker Public Relations Website Redesign

Baker Public Relations Website Redesign

“Digitally Grounded turned our static, non-converting website into a dynamic interface that captures the personality of our brand. With our target audience in mind, Ashleigh and her team worked with us to craft our vision and enhance our online presence.” -Baker Public Relations

Baker Public Relations is an expanding business that needed a website that reflected their growth. Their website was dated, and didn’t feature all the great things Baker had to offer while still being current and on-brand.


Some of the challenges Baker faced was having a site that looked dated, and didn’t include the updated services their agency offered. They’ve refined their brand, and after 10 years in business the website no longer reflected the variety of work they were doing to support their clients. The Baker Public Relations brand is energetic, professional and fun, and they bring a tailored approach to PR for each and every client. This was not communicated through the website. Baker PR’s website was missing out on key lead generation opportunities.


Following our signature process, we uncovered new ways to present the offerings in a way that was current and connected with the brand. Baker’s services positioned them as more than just a PR agency, but a creative communications firm. In comparison to others in the market, Baker had expanded offerings like podcast services, video production, and more. One of the goals was to show proof of their amazing work by taking the visitor on a digital experience when they are navigating the website.

We used the DG method to uncover the areas where we could really let the brand personality shine and highlight the work Baker was doing in a more modern way. The new website design had to be both beautiful and functional-a site that would also help generate more leads for the business and position the brand appropriately.

The DG solution offers a more modern, streamlined experience with special details that tie in the tagline “Communication is everything” and the “tailored approach” that BPR offers to its clients by visually using a handwritten typeface in addition to a more modern one to artistically communicate the custom approach that Baker PR offers to each and every client. 

Video was used to highlight the level of quality clients could expect from Baker, connect the visitor with the team and show potential clients a behind the scenes look at a day in the office at Baker PR, in an effort to allow the visitor to experience what it might be like to work with the team. Since there are two locations, the imagery had to reflect both Albany NY and Pittsburgh PA locations.

The final design is optimized to show Baker’s brand authority and generate leads by highlighting specialties, industry case studies, and offering email signups on every page. 

Adding personality and testimonials from clients while sharing more about each individual team member and what they bring to the table to showcase the expertise in the team at Baker. 

The new site communicated to every site visitor Baker PR’s brand values and offerings in a creative, modern way.


Baker PR’s website has seen great results since their site launch. Within the first 30 days they saw a 27% increase in site visits, 96% increase in site visit duration, and a 20% decrease in bounce rate. 

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