Mission Accomplished Transition Services | Case Study

Mission Accomplished Transition Services | Case Study

Mission Accomplished was looking for some overall help with digital marketing. They had a lot of great things happening and hired Ashleigh as a digital consultant to help them accomplish goals, update their website, and design materials that better support the brand’s vision, goals, and speak to the communities they serve.

Not having a marketing department in-house meant that the organization was overwhelmed with all the responsibilities being placed on a small team with no marketing specialty. The organization wanted to work smarter, not harder when it came to growing and refining their brand’s services.

Prior to working with Ashleigh, Mission Accomplished Transition Services was making an impact in the community, but they knew they could do better. Having the branding be consistent was important as well as having help promoting programs and events and increasing brand awareness overall.

Some of the challenges were updating the brand’s look to make things consistent, while giving each program it’s own sub-identity. The website also needed updates to content as well as some design elements, and there was a need to promote the organization’s Dance A Thon Fundraiser in a way that would help to raise money for future programs for young professionals in the region.

Also, getting the word out to members of the community that Mission Accomplished had various programs and resources (many of them free) for them to utilize.

Ashleigh worked as the Digital Media Consultant and handled design, event promotion, email marketing, and social media marketing from 2017-2019.

Ashleigh’s objective was to create designs that were on-brand and attractive to the young professionals Mission Accomplished serves, help to expand their client base, and refine the overall digital presence of the organization and help to promote events and programs. 

With consistent content creation that was tailored to appeal to their audience Mission Accomplished was able to get more members of the community involved and have a successful Ready, Set Glow event and Dance A Thon Fundraiser. 

Mission Accomplished also benefited from having all digital assets organized and streamlined to make event promotion easier. 

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